“Flattened” was the first dance event presented at the MONO art space (Lisbon, Portugal) after confinement. The three dancers Lua Carreira, Hugo Marmelada, and Patricia Keleher joined together to explore and reflect on the times of apathy and inertia recently experienced, accompanied by the live improvised electronic performance of the sound designer Christian Vismara and the video projections of Sebastian Bolenius. 

The dancers crossed their desire to create which, despite the difficulties, sought a break from the restrictions imposed. The piece was born from the desire to express three distinct experiences in a new paradigm that calls for artistic regeneration, 

creative expression, and social sharing. The performance ended up being a map of present and future pasts, questioning time, space, and all the emotions carried in them. “Flattened” as a way of being, as a way of feeling, of living. To feel what’s not possible to feel, to sense the loss of zest of life and the bliss of remembering the future.

The impulse to reconnect is challenged by the distance and the barriers: from all the things that life can offer, the energy and souvenirs of what we once lived and felt are the only ones that can’t be taken away from us. 

The performance was later adapted into a short film working in collaboration with the filmmaker Sebastian Bolenius, and original music by Christian Vismara.


Link to the trailer

Dancers Lua Carreira, Hugo Marmelada, Patricia Keleher
Visuals Sebastian Bolenius
Music Christian Vismara 

Lighting Adriana Sá Couto Curator: Hugo Cantegrel

Tech Rudolfo Quintas 

‘Flattened’ first premiered July 10, 2020, at MONO Lisbon. 

Images courtesy of Sebastian Bolenius

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